What To Expect When You Come To LifePointe

When you visit LifePointe Church, we want you to have the best church experience you've ever had!

Here's what you can expect . . .

Loving and friendly people You will be greeted by friendly and caring people who desire to help your time at LifePointe be enjoyable. The helpful parking lot attendants and the friendly assistants will help make your visit to LifePointe as easy and enjoyable as possible! Also, before and after the service there will be opportunities for fellowship and making new friends in the lobby around the coffee bar and snack area. 

Exciting and meaningful worship The music team consisting of several musical instruments and voices will lead the congregation in a blend of contemporary songs with some older songs mixed in as well. We strive to have a mellow, upbeat sound that appeals to as wide an audience as possible. You can expect both times of enthusiastic, hand-clapping praise and also times of earnest, heart-felt worship as the Holy Spirit helps everyone in true expressions of Spirit-filled worship and praise.
Excellent Children’s services Nursery, pre-school, and elementary children will be taken care of and ministered to in our children’s area in a safe, friendly environment. Friendly and caring attendants will watch over the children’s activities to ensure the children will have the best possible experience, and receive lessons especially designed for their age levels!

Relevant and practical messages You will hear practical and relevant Biblical teachings that not only inspire you while you’re at LifePointe but will also help you during the week as you deal with real life issues. Recent topics include Developing A Vision, Your Born Identity, Your Right-Standing With God, Marriage and Families, and We’ve Got Talent.
Meaningful, Spirit-filled ministry – You may experience times of ministry where the Holy Spirit will lead the pastoral leaders to pray for people or to minister in some meaningful way to people. Sometimes the ministers will minister to people up front at the altar and sometimes in their seats, depending upon the need and how the Holy Spirit wants to minister to people.

Questions you may have & [Answers we can give]:
Q. How should I dress?

A. At LifePointe
you will see a variety of ways that people are dressed. Some people wear blue jeans, others are in business casual, and some are wearing a suit and tie or a dress. So it’s your choice how you dress when you come to LifePointe.

Q. Will you make me stand up if I’m a first time guest?

A. No, in the
service we will ask our regular people to welcome our first time guests by giving them a hand clap of applause. Typically someone will hand you a LifePointe information brochure before you come into the worship auditorium. We will also make sure in the service that you have gotten one of our information brochures by asking our ushers to give you one if you raise your hand. If you do not want to raise your hand, that is okay too.
Q. How long is the service?

A. The Sunday morning
service at LifePointe is about 1 hour and 20 minutes long. It starts at 10 am and ends around 11:20 am. The Wednesday evening service is one hour long, starting at 7 pm and ending at 8 pm.

Q. Do I have to give anything in the offering?

A. While LifePointe
members and regular attenders are encouraged to give in the offering,as a first-time guest it is entirely your choice whether or not you participate in the offering.While we do give instruction on what the Bible says about giving tithes and offerings, no pressure is put on anyone . . . we allow each person to make up their own mind concerning their giving.

When you come to LifePointe, you can expect an up-lifting and pleasant
experience. Our desire is to help you experience God’s care, embrace God’s
truth, and engage in God’s plan! We’ll be looking for you!